"Soup to Nuts" Coaching


     Of paramount importance: You can win or lose based on paperwork - even before you arrive to compete! 

    Community Service/Platform Development

     To win any job, one must place others above themselves and then clearly articulate that decision. 


     Critical: 99% of pageants are won in the interview competition. 


     Fashion-forward and true-to-self is the winning combination. 

    Walking and Modeling    

     As a former model, I enjoy coaching young ladies how to walk on stage and within your interview format. 

    Talent Consultation

     Piano and voice were my two minors in college, but I will also help to assess any talent you've chosen. 

    On Stage Question

     We all have butterflies ... we just need to make them fly in formation!

    Make Up, Jewelry and Hair

     Stage makeup, jewelry and hair is vastly different from Prom make up, jewelry and hair.


     A photo can help you win or lose on "paper" before you even arrive to compete. 

    Special Awards

     Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, Most Ads Sold, etc.: Coaching on how you can win special awards.